Shifting Retail Environments

Giant Food

2020 Progress Report

Year Committed: 2018
Length of Commitment: 3 years
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Committed to incorporating front-of-package nutrition labels on all private label products and ensuring that at least 55 percent of private label brands achieve 1, 2 or 3 stars through the Guiding Stars nutrition labeling program. Giant Food will also bring FNV, PHA’s marketing campaign that uses unique creative and celebrities to drive consumption of fruits and vegetables, to over 90 stores in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia area.

Verified Results

  • Implementation Date

    December 2020

    Reporting Date

    February 2021

    Commitment Element

    100% of Giant's private label brands will carry front-of-pack nutrition information. This information will include calories, saturated fat, sodium and total sugars and serves to help consumers easily identify key nutritional information in order to identify healthier options.

    Progress To Date

    Giant submitted front-of-pack information for 43 of the 90 (48%) private label brand items randomly selected for review. Of the 43 items, 37 items (86%) had all front-of-pack nutrition information, including calories, saturated fat, sodium, and total sugars. All 43 items had calories, 38 items (88%) had saturated fat, 38 items (88%) had sodium, and 37 items (86%) had total sugars on front-of-pack labels.

Partner Statement

Giant Food values the collaboration with Partnership for a Healthier America to further efforts in transforming the food landscape in pursuit of health equity. Our efforts thus far in our three-year partnership have been focused on promoting the sale and consumption of healthier foods, as well as evaluating reformulation and increasing the number of healthier options from our private label products rated by the Guiding Stars program.

We look forward to furthering our commitments through 2023 to meet or exceed our goal of 54% healthier food sales on our private label products, disclosing more total food nutritional sales annually, and creating a healthier checkout strategy. We continue to strive to make healthier products and make nutritional information more accessible to the communities we serve throughout Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.