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Partnership for a Healthier America 2019 Progress Report

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Recent events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and protests over the systemic racism that remains rampant in our country, have transformed the public conversation about U.S. food systems and health equity. It can even seem that 2019 was so long ago–a completely different era. However, it goes without saying, these recent events did not create the inequities present in our food supply today, but merely shined a light on them. And, in 2019, PHA was already diligently at work to better address these challenges.

Throughout PHA’s history as an organization, we have listened to our partners and the people they serve. We have learned. In 2019, we amassed a large body of research and data around who our food supply is failing: most notably, economically disadvantaged communities and communities of color. Equipped with these learnings, PHA is well-positioned to confront the challenges that have seized the national spotlight in 2020. Read more from our President & CEO, Nancy E. Roman.

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A Message From the Chairman of the Board

James R. Gavin III, MD, PhD, Chairman of the Board of Directors, shares his reflections on the past ten years.

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2019 PHA Summit

Read a recap of PHA’s 2019 Accelerating a Healthier Future Summit held in Chicago, IL.

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President and CEO Nancy E. Roman

Letter From the President and CEO

President Nancy E. Roman speaks to PHA's evolving mission and the progress we've made so far.

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PHA works with our partners to verify their progress towards their commitments to create a healthier future. See the steps our partners have taken towards this mission.

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