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Harold Levinson Associates

2017 Progress Report

Year Committed: 2017
Length of Commitment: 3 years
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Committed to increasing the availability of affordable, nutritious options to its convenience store partners. It will also implement a healthier food catering guide for corporate meetings and events.

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    Harold Levinson Associates did not have any reporting or compliance deadlines in 2017.

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Partner Statement

“As one of the largest full-line and service c-store suppliers in the Northeast, all our 600+ associates are excited to be partnering with PHA to educate the many thousands of accounts that we service about healthier snacking options. The consumer who visits a convenience store usually visits it multiple times a week. Consumers prefer to shop and buy “local.” One of our Sales Consultants’ primary roles is to show the independent retailer the importance of offering a selection of “better for you” snacks that meet PHA criteria, rather than those only “perceived” as healthy. One of the best vehicles we use to accomplish this is marketing our Healthy Snack Multi-Vendor End-Cap (MVE), which is 100% focused on the consumer that is looking for healthier snack options. Today’s consumer is reading labels and not necessarily shopping brands. They are looking for non-GMO, no added sugar, organic, and all natural claims on labels. It is a process of learning what is actually healthy and what is not. HLA is happy to lead the charge on this process.

We are also committed to helping all of our associates by having water coolers throughout our facility and offering discount memberships to local gyms.

Eating healthy is not just a marketing tool; it is a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. We are proud to play a role in offering our retail accounts and associates alike more options when it comes to choices that support healthy habits.”