Special Feature: Active Design Verified

Active Design Verified buildings use architecture and urban planning to create appealing indoor and outdoor recreation spaces and greater access to healthy food, transportation and healthcare services.

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Where we live affects how we live, and that can affect our health. PHA and its partners believe that all families should have the opportunity to live in communities that make healthy living a priority.

That’s why we partnered with the Center for Active Design to create Active Design Verified (ADV), a program that recruits leaders in affordable housing who build or renovate communities with features that promote active living and healthier lifestyles. Our ADV partners agree to incorporate a set of low-cost design elements in their affordable housing properties that include features such as well-lit, centrally-located stairwells, bike racks, walking paths, easy access to healthcare facilities, gardens to work in and indoor and outdoor spaces where kids can play.

A growing number are also including programs such
 as free cooking classes, nutrition education and food pantries or on-site farmers’ markets, because we believe whether families have access to healthier resources shouldn’t be dictated by their zip code.

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