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Started on October 19, 2017
3 year commitment | View progress

Once thought of as a source for an easy microwavable meal or a bag of chips, today’s convenience stores offer a wide range of healthier options, thanks to PHA partners like Harold Levinson Associates (HLA).

With service to more than 7,000 convenience stores, customers from Eastern Pennsylvania to New England will now find a range of healthier options. HLA’s commitment to PHA includes a wide range of supply chain solutions that make it easier for stores to stock fresh cut fruits and vegetables, provide healthier “Grab N Go” options and encourage water consumption. The company even agreed to ensure that selected products meet PHA’s Healthier Food and Beverage Product Criteria. When HLA proactively highlights healthier options, it will encourage convenience and grocery store customers to meet consumer demand.

Additionally, the company will make healthier choices easier for its employees through healthier catering options for corporate meetings and wellness education.

Drink Up was formed between the Partnership for a Healthier America, with Honorary Chairwoman Former First Lady Michelle Obama, and stakeholders across the public and private sectors who are dedicated to encouraging people to drink more water, more often. Started in 2013, Drink Up quickly became an award-winning, national consumer marketing campaign that represents 50+ partners in the bottled, tap, reusable, and filtered water space, bringing together all sectors of water to reach the common goal of more people drinking more water.

152,792 c-stores in the U.S. serve approximately 160 million Americans every day, which means that on average, half the U.S. population visits a convenience store every single day

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