The PHA Framework 2017

Image of two kids eating strawberries and milk.

At Partnership for a Healthier America, we understand that we’re working to solve a complex problem and 
we know that we must continue to evolve in order to meet our goals. We rely on our successes, as well as our obstacles to identify new opportunities to improve the health of our nation’s children.

Over the past eight years, we’ve focused on increasing supply and demand for healthier foods and physical activity. Today, we have three broad areas of impact: Increasing Physical Activity, Transforming the Marketplace, and Creating Healthier Places.

Active kids are healthy kids, in and out. But, not all kids have access to safe spaces and places where they can run and play and many families don’t have the resources available for children to compete in sports or recreational programs. Our physical activity partners are working to expand those opportunities so that all children and young adults can make physical activity a part of their daily routine.

We continue to increase supply and demand for healthier foods, while also increasing their accessibility. From convenience stores, bodegas and distributors to food service and consumer packaged goods companies, Transforming the Marketplace partners supply healthier food options while our signature campaigns such as FNV and Drink Up inspire families to make healthier choices.

Whether kids are at home, in early childcare, in out- of-school care or even away at college, our Creating Healthier Places partners recognize the importance of creating environments that are conducive to good health.

By focusing our efforts in these three broad areas,
 PHA and its partners are able to reach kids and families through almost every aspect of their lives. This report is designed to highlight the real life impact of the work of our partners, while providing updates on each of 
PHA’s initiatives.

PHA ensures that commitments made are commitments kept by working with unbiased third parties to monitor and publicly report on the progress our partners are making. Data outlining progress for each of our partners in much greater detail can be found in each of our past progress reports.

This online resource is a critical component of our commitment to transparency. Anyone at any time can see exactly what our partners have committed to, as well as how they’re performing, based on third- party verification. Please spend some time with the information online to help us stay true to our promise of accountability.

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