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2016 Progress Report

Year Committed: 2016
Length of Commitment: 5 years
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Committed to offer healthier foods to consumers, provide access to nutrition information and create opportunities for its associates to improve their personal wellbeing. MARS Food U.S. will reduce sodium and added sugars, increase vegetable servings, increase whole grains and update its nutrition criteria to reflect 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

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    Mars Food did not have any reporting or compliance deadlines in 2016.

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Partner Statement

“Mars Food launched its Global Health & Wellbeing Ambition in April 2016, and we’ve been working hard to begin implementing our 2021 commitments in the US. We’ve laid the groundwork for significant sodium reformulation across our portfolio (20% reduction on average by 2021), and the inclusion of more whole grains, delivering approximately 59M more healthy meals on dinner tables around the world to date. As part of our commitment to inspire more healthy family cooking at home, Mars Food has expanded its successful Ben’s Beginners™ program from a cooking contest to a movement designed to make it easier for parents and kids to create meals together. And the 2016 program reached new heights with the most media attention, retailer displays and contest participants than any year before. We’ve begun the work to update our labels to help consumers identify which of our products meet the Mars Food Nutrition Criteria and can be enjoyed any day. Lastly, we are making great strides in meeting our Associate Health & Wellbeing commitments – all of our sites offer kitchens and access to fitness facilities, and our cafeterias provide meal options that meet our Nutrition Criteria.”