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2016 Progress Report

Year Committed: 2016
Length of Commitment: 3 years
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Committed to increasing the number of healthier products offered including fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat and nonfat dairy, promoting healthier offerings and supporting affordability of healthier foods.

Verified Results

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    Enmarket did not have any reporting or compliance deadlines in 2016.

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Partner Statement

“Enmarket is well underway to fulfilling its commitments to PHA as set forth in the MOU. We have identified a list of items currently sold in all of our stores that should meet the requirements set by PHA (fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, etc). The item list is currently being reviewed by PHA to ensure that the items indeed meet the specifications set by PHA. All price incentives are in place. A fruit rack has been positioned at the register. We have incorporated healthier food signage at our gas dispensers and on the store front. Enmarket has renewed its sponsorship of the Encourage Health Education series for 2017, and continues to provide fuel for Farm Truck 912, which brings local produce to food deserts around Savannah. We’ve incorporated the Drink Up initiative into our social media posts and have campaigns planned for this spring and summer on water brands that are also a part of the Drink Up initiative. Enmarket also raised $15,000 in a January fund raiser that will be paid to PHA. Overall we’ve seen an increased awareness among our employees with regard to the items that we carry that are ‘better for you.’”