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2016 Progress Report

Year Committed: 2016
Length of Commitment: 3 years
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Committed to enhance, market and promote the healthier offerings it distributes to over 40,000 retail locations. Core-Mark will modify merchandizing sets to incorporate healthier options, and will provide FNV and Drink Up marketing materials to its retail customers free of cost.

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    Core-Mark did not have any reporting or compliance deadlines in 2016.

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Partner Statement

“Core-Mark, one of the largest distributors and marketers of fresh and consumer-packaged goods in North America, is changing shopper perception of the availability of healthier options at convenience stores. Since announcing their PHA partnership in October 2016, Core-Mark has begun working on eliminating the KidZone novelty candy set from retailer program offerings and proudly implementing industry-leading Good Health-To-Go merchandising fixtures that feature healthier snacking options. Additionally, they are working to negotiate discounts with food manufacturers for product that meets PHA Healthier Food and Beverage Criteria and marketing the ‘Better For You items’ in their monthly Promo Power retailer focused ads.

"Core-Mark will demonstrate its focus on healthy lifestyles and living by offering health-promoting giveaways that incentivize healthy eating and physical activity such as activity trackers. They look forward to confirming negotiated discounted monthly gym memberships for employees with multiple providers across the country, as well as implementing and distributing to all teammates responsible for catering, a healthier food-catering guide for corporate meetings and events. They are pleased to work with Partnership for Healthier America (PHA) to enhance market and promote healthier offerings to the over 40,000 retail locations in their distribution network.”