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Started on March 14, 2014
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Perhaps one of the biggest transformations PHA has achieved through its partner commitments is at the local convenience store.

Through an initial commitment made in 2014, KwikTrip, a Wisconsin-based chain of more than 475 convenience stores, greatly expanded its fruit and vegetable offerings and prominently displayed healthier food choices to customers – who literally ate them up! The chain increased bulk produce sales by 5.5 percent in the first year of its partnership with PHA, which it has now extended through 2021. In addition to adding more fresh produce, the chain also expanded its offering of whole-grain and low-fat dairy products and began promoting a low-cost, healthier EatSmart combination meal.

Under its expanded commitment, KwikTrip will promote greater consumption of fruits and vegetables by joining the FNV campaign, printing and placing marketing pieces featuring celebrity spokespeople at all KwikTrip stores in Wisconsin. It will also add at least one healthier option to its Kwik Rewards loyalty program in all KwikTrip stores and host annual coin canister donations to support the mission of PHA.

The food at this convenience store chain isn’t just healthier since KwikTrip partnered with PHA, it’s also more affordable. As part of its commitment, KwikTrip promised to encourage consumers to opt for these healthier food options through lower prices, something it is able to do because it operates its own bakery, dairy and kitchens.

And it’s not just KwikTrip customers who are benefiting from the changes. The chain installed bike racks that encourage both shoppers and workers to ride to the store; gives employees free fruit (they receive one complimentary banana, apple, orange, pear, peach or grapefruit each day); and offers local fundraising groups reduced rates if they buy healthier snacks and food to sell at community events.

KwikTrip also was the first convenience store chain to enroll as a Drink Up partner.

53% of consumers would visit c-stores more for healthier foods.

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