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Kwik Trip Raises $161,000 to Support National Food Equity Work

September 21, 2022

Now in its ninth year, Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and Kwik Trip’s fundraising campaign has generated more than $860,000 in support of PHA’s efforts

Kwik Trip logo WASHINGTON, DCPartnership for a Healthier America – the premier national nonprofit organization working toward Food Equity – announced today that Kwik Trip has raised over $160,000 during its 2022 coin canister campaign to support PHA’s national Food Equity initiatives.

“We are grateful for partners like Kwik Trip who are committed to helping us transform the food landscape in pursuit of health equity,” said Nancy E. Roman, President & CEO, Partnership for a Healthier America. “Everyone deserves access to good food, and through partnerships like these, we will succeed in our mission.”

Kwik Trip, a family-owned company based in La Crosse, WI with 815 stores in the Mid-West, has raised more than $860,000 for PHA since the coin canister campaign started in 2013. Donations to this year’s campaign increased by nearly 7% from last year, highlighting the value that Kwik Trip and its customers place in supporting PHA’s work.

“Kwik Trip is honored to help raise money and awareness in support of PHA’s mission to help families, children, and adults live healthier lives through good food,” said Dave Ring, Community Relations Manager, Kwik Trip. “A big thank you to our customers and coworkers who have supported our continued work in making a positive impact in the communities we serve and beyond.”

Kwik Trip has also partnered with PHA on a variety of significant public health efforts like making healthier choices more accessible for their guests, including growing its EatSmart program, and becoming the first convenience store to offer a PHA-approved snack bundle. Learn more about Kwik Trip’s commitment to PHA here.

About Partnership for a Healthier America

Partnership for a Healthier America is the premier national nonprofit organization working to create lasting, systemic changes that transform the food landscape in pursuit of health equity. PHA develops evidence-based approaches that are implemented in partnership with the private sector, nonprofits, and government, leveraging PHA’s assets and the partner’s knowledge to accelerate the pace of transformation. Learn more at or follow PHA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip is a family-owned convenience store chain founded in 1965. Kwik Trip owns and operates 815 stores and employs over 35,000 co-workers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. The stores receive daily deliveries of fresh baked goods, dairy products, soups, salads, fruit, produce, sandwiches, take home meals, and sells grocery products, general merchandise, gasoline, and related petroleum products. The company operates its own bakery, dairy, water bottling line, kitchens, food safety lab, distribution center, ice plant, LP plant, blow mold facility, transportation company, and health clinic. Kwik Trip makes, ships, and sells 80 percent of its own branded products and serves 10.5 million guests per week.

PHA Media Contact: Megan Orciari,

Kwik Trip Media Contact: David Ring,

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