Healthy Convenience Store Meals for When You're on the Go

Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) works with partners to transform the marketplace by ensuring that convenience stores across the nation are stocked with healthier options. It’s back to school time and that means lots and lots of time spent racing between school, work, and sports! So how can you make sure that you and your family eat healthy while rushing between activities? The good news is that convenience stores are increasingly offering a wider selection of healthier and heartier meal options so with a little planning and your trusty GPS, dining on-the-go is a snap.

Here are some of our favorite healthy convenience store meal options and ideas for every time of day:


  • Try Pennsylvania-based convenience store Sheetz’s “Wildwest Flatbread” with egg whites, ham, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, fire roasted peppers, and ham on a wheat flatbread for only 220 calories.

  • Did you know that KwikTrip, a convenience store chain with more than 475 locations across Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, sells 400 pounds of bananas per store per day? It’s not surprising since bananas come in their own to-go containers and are full of potassium and rich in fiber. For those early morning trips with the family, pair bananas with a high fiber cereal bowl pack or an oatmeal bowl pack for a satisfying morning meal.

  • Looking for something a bit heartier? KwikTrip’s EatSmart menu is the answer for fast, healthy options including a tasty Egg White, Ham & Cheese English Muffin that nets out at just 260 calories!


  • Sheetz offers made-to-order salads and wraps, and a nutrition calculator that lets you keep track of calories, fat, carbs and more. Customize the wrap with everything from turkey breast to grilled chicken to guac and fire roasted peppers. For example, a satisfying wrap with grilled chicken, fresh veggies and mustard comes in at less than 500 calories.

  • We are loving the Turkey & Swiss on Cranberry Wild Rice Bread that’s made right at the KwikTrip bakery and shipped fresh to the surrounding stores, and the Garlic Chicken Breast sandwich that comes in at just 310 calories with only 4 grams of fat!

  • At KwikTrip, you can also dine on all kinds of soups, from vegetable with beef, to chicken noodle, to chili with beans and chicken. Pair with a whole grain loaf from the bread case and a fresh salad and you’re good to go!

  • Traveling through Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina? enmarket offers freshly made [grab-and-go salads and sandwiches](h, including antibiotic-free deli turkey and grilled chicken.

  • On the west coast, Loop Neighborhood markets offer salad bars, as well as a deli with sandwiches made on freshly baked bread.


  • Keep hunger and meltdowns at bay with frequent breaks and fun and nutritious treats. The new Greek Yogurt Smoothiez at Sheetz feature nonfat Greek yogurt. We’re a huge fan of the Blueberry Pomegranate flavor, which is a winner with 8 grams of protein and 230 calories!

  • If you’re in the St. Louis area, swing by Gigi’s Café Express at one of 19 U-Gas locations. With food purchased from local farmers, they can be sure to put together fresh, healthy and delicious food when you’re on the go.

Image of a convenience store salad bar that offers healthier options to customers on the go. Have a picky eater or two in the car? Put them in charge of assembling their own meals by selecting from among convenience store staples such as fresh fruit, nuts, cut vegetables, yogurt, granola bars, hummus, to-go cereal, cheese sticks and even hard-boiled eggs. This way, they’ll be able to have fun creating DIY meals that are nutritious and easy to take long on your family’s next adventure!

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