Top Healthy Eating Tips from PHA Partners

Image of two children eating watermelon slices outdoors.

PHA’s work is focused on making healthier choices more affordable and accessible to families and children across the country. From healthcare to daycare, restaurants to convenience stores, we are working with some amazing partners to make the healthy choice the easy choice for kids and families. Of course we had to wonder, what are some of their healthy eating tips for staying happy and healthy?

Kaiser Permanente

Eating Healthy Shouldn’t Be Complicated: “The first part of the [long-term lifestyle] strategy is to stop focusing on a single nutrient, such as carbs, fats or proteins. Instead, focus on eating whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and grains … It’s equally important to minimize foods that have been shown to harm your body. These include red meat, processed meats, refined grains and sugar-sweetened beverages.”

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Good For You Fats: “There are many ways to incorporate good for you fats in to your diet. Olive oil and vinegar make a healthy alternative to creamy salad dressings. Substitute a handful of almonds or mixed nuts for those afternoon chips, cookies, and candy. Use avocado as a spread for toast or sandwiches in place of butter, margarine, or mayonnaise. Ground flax seeds may be added to oatmeal, smoothies, or baked in muffins. Use peanut or sesame oils for stir-fry dishes. All natural peanut butter is an excellent protein source as a sandwich filling or as a topping for whole grain crackers, celery, or apple slices.”

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Kwik Trip

“Get in the habit of reading food labels and make sure you are choosing foods with little added sugars or fats and those that provide a variety of nutrients … Eating smaller portions, more often, such as having 5 to 6 smaller meals each day is recommended.”

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Bright Horizons

Turning Wholesome Ingredients into Healthy, Convenient Meals: “As co-founder of a healthy food company, I’m always thinking about finding the best quality and most nutritious ingredients for my home and new product recipes. But like every working parent, my time is in short supply. I stock my pantry, fridge, and freezer with staples that can be easily whipped together for healthy, convenient meals. My go-to midweek recipes all share a common theme: minimal ingredients made with whole foods. If I have time to go to the farmers market, I also add local and in-season raw fruits and vegetables.”

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The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation

Incorporating Greens Into Your Kid’s Diet: “Start your day by adding greens to your breakfast. Stir in spinach to scrambled eggs in the morning, or blend kale into a smoothie. This will encourage your family to incorporate nutrient-dense foods for the remainder of their day.”

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