Partner With Us

From the beginning, we recognized that if we wanted to make good on our promise to give all of America’s children the chance to grow up at a healthy weight, we’d need to harness the resources, expertise and free-market creativity that drives consumer choices in the American marketplace. That’s a pretty tall order and one we knew we couldn’t fill on our own.

PHA works with the private sector to create meaningful commitments, and ensures that when those commitments are made that credit is given where credit is due. PHA has no interest in forcing industry to meet unrealistic benchmarks. The goal is to maximize the potential of the private sector to achieve success. We want the private sector with us because, quite simply, we will not succeed without it.

Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) partners increase physical activity by providing equipment, funding for coaches and sports programming, and creating safe places to play in communities. Thanks to partners such as Sodexo, the Mushroom Council, KinderCare and Learning Care Group, today’s kids will find healthier meals and more fruits and vegetables in school cafeterias and at before- and after-school care. Families and children who live in low-income neighborhoods will have greater opportunities to walk to a grocery store stocked with affordable and healthy food choices, because of the efforts of partners like Walmart, Walgreens and others.

Thanks to Mercedes Benz, Reebok and Nike, they’ll have greater access to quality coaches and sporting programs so they can start the school day being physically active and find numerous opportunities to move throughout the day.

And they’ll be inspired to stay hydrated and eat their fruits and veggies because of celebrities like Stephen Curry, Jessica Alba, Cam Newton, Ashanti and other supporters of our FNV campaigns.

Times Square ad with Stephen Curry for Partnership for a Healthier America's FNV initiative.

There are several ways companies and organizations can partner with PHA and support its mission to ensure all children in America have the chance to grow up at a healthy weight.

  • Companies can make a commitment to PHA, detailing how they will make food options healthier, more affordable and more accessible to families, or how they will improve the quality and accessibility of physical activities for America’s kids.
  • Companies, organizations or individuals (such as celebrities) can join our signature campaign – FNV – to promote eating more fruits and vegetables.
  • Companies can support our mission by making financial contributions to our ongoing campaigns and initiatives, helping us leverage resources so we can expand work already underway or provide seed money for new efforts.

Together, our 200-plus partners move us closer each day to providing a healthier future for America’s children. Join us.