Partner With Us

PHA’s work transforming the food landscape in pursuit of health equity is centered on partnerships with community-based organizations, government agencies, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Since its launch in 2010, PHA has partnered with more than 575 organizations to seed change across the country. PHA is currently seeking partnerships that align with its focus areas, including:

  • Municipalities, community-centered organizations, and produce distributors to support the Fresh Food Program;
  • Baby food manufacturers to join the Shaping Early Palettes initiative;
  • Food banks and networked food pantries to join the Healthy Hunger Relief initiative;
  • Grocery stores and convenience stores to participate in the Shifting Retail Environments initiative;
  • SNAP-Ed providers to support local, digital FNV campaigns to encourage fruit and vegetable consumption;
  • Individuals and organizations can also support PHA by donating to our ongoing campaigns and initiatives, helping us leverage resources so we can expand work already underway or provide seed money for new efforts.
Times Square ad with Stephen Curry for Partnership for a Healthier America's FNV initiative.

Together, our 575-plus partners move us closer each day to providing a healthier future for America’s children.