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2016 Progress Report

Year Committed: 2016
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Committed to implement a new Transforming Communities Initiative that will provide grants for communities to reduce tobacco use, lower childhood obesity rates, support early childhood health and wellness and improve access to nutrition and physical activity opportunities.

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    Trinity Health did not have any reporting or compliance deadlines in 2016.

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Partner Statement

“Trinity Health believes efforts to eradicate the root causes of poor health must expand beyond the walls of our facilities and we must transform the communities we serve into healthier places.

"In 2016, Trinity Health launched the Transforming Communities Initiative (TCI) with an anticipated $80 million dollar investment in grants, community loans and community contributions over the next four years. TCI employs policy, system and environmental change strategies aimed at reducing the deadly toll of tobacco, preventing obesity, and advancing other upstream prevention initiatives aimed improving Community Health and Well-being, especially in low-income and disinvested communities.

"The root causes of poor health are deeply tied to the communities in which we live. Which is why, across America, people living just a few miles apart have dramatic differences in health outcomes. In fact, ZIP code is a better predictor of health outcomes than our genetic code.

"As of March 2017, Trinity Health’s TCI efforts have helped pass the Tobacco 21 Bill in eight communities and are working with local legislators to increase access to safe and supportive breastfeeding spaces, including removing an indecent exposure law that prohibits breastfeeding in public.

"TCI is addressing childhood obesity by increasing access to fruits and vegetables, as well as advancing local school wellness policies that promote healthy eating and increased physical activity time. Additionally, TCI supports PHA’s FNV campaign, which has been seen by our target audiences nearly 26M times across five Trinity Health communities.”