Good Food for All Produce Boxes

2022 Progress Report

PHA has been at the center of sea change in the food system for more than a decade. As we look to the future, we look at a comprehensive approach for our programs that focuses on ensuring that every family, no matter their zip code, has access to good food. We call this Good Food for All.

Good Food for All is a banner under which we elevate all our programs, and how we work towards food systems change. We’re working across sectors – from city governments to food manufacturers, community-based organizations to local grocery stores - to make sure that every family has affordable access to good food. We recently committed to adding 100 million servings of produce to communities by 2025, and have made significant progress towards that goal, adding more than 34 million servings to-date.

Our signature program, Good Food for All Produce Boxes delivered more than 22 million servings of fresh, healthy food to more than 22,000 families in 29 communities that needed it most. This program has been proven to increase vegetable consumption by 58%, fruit consumption by 51% and showed that 85% of families would be willing to pay for fresh produce.

Good Food for All program impact stats

We’re now working strategically with Instacart and the city of Indianapolis to leverage the market by adding the dignity of choice and delivery to the program. At PHA, we know that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help prevent diet-related chronic diseases (obesity, hypertension, stroke, cancer), but today just 10% of Americans — and only 6.8% of low-income Americans — consume the recommended amount.

We are excited for this next iteration of work, and for what it means for individual health and food systems change for the future.

Program Spotlight: Indianapolis, Indiana

PHA has been working together with local partners like the Indianapolis Community Food Access Coalition and Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana to bring more fresh vegetables and fruits to underserved communities within the city. Since 2021, PHA has provided more than 1.3 million servings of fruits and vegetables to more than 2,200 families in Indianapolis through our Good Food for All Produce Box program.

While providing fresh produce to families is important, it’s also critical to create sustainable, long-term, affordable access to healthy food. That’s why we officially partnered with the Food Access Coalition, Instacart and local Safeway independent grocery stores to create a bridge between a free produce box and an incentive program that gives families $50 a month for three months to use in a retail grocery store or online with Instacart. This not only empowers people to choose what they’d like to eat, but also removes key barriers to eating healthy at home: transportation and convenience. We hope that this pilot program can be used as a model for improving sustainable and equitable access to food and replicated in programs across the country.

Alongside this work, PHA has also partnered with the City of Indianapolis and the International Fresh Produce Association to double consumption of fruits and vegetables in the city by 2030. This work includes stakeholders from across municipal government, grocery stores, parks and recreation programs, local nonprofits and others. We are seeking to create a playbook that can be shared with other cities across the country to increase produce consumption.

Watch a video about our work in Indianapolis to learn more.


We’re working to provide long term access to produce through innovative work with hundreds of partners all across the country. Read more about our Good Food for All partners here.