Post-COVID, going back to the way things were is not good enough.

When communities across America were first battling the COVID-19 pandemic, PHA and its partners provided over 2 million servings of fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables to families through our COVID-19 Fresh Food Fund.

Now that we are emerging from the global pandemic and looking to the future, we have expanded this vital program in order to reach families in more cities. To reflect this growth, we’ve given the COVID-19 Fresh Food Fund a new name: Good Food for All.

Good Food for All:

  • Provides nourishing, high-quality fruits and vegetables to individuals in need, especially children
  • Elevates the voices of those in underserved communities suffering from disparities in affordable access
  • Engages retailers and community-based organizations to make meaningful, sustainable changes to local and national food systems in pursuit of health equity

With the help of our regional and national distribution partners, PHA boxes and ships fruits and vegetables to local coordinating partners around the country. Those partners then redistribute the food in ways that best meet the needs of their local communities. Each box emphasizes variety, seasonality, and features a mix of foods that empower individuals to make delicious, nourishing meals for themselves and their families.

The program first deployed in Denver, CO in May 2020 and has since provided 1.8 million servings of fruits and vegetables to communities in Colorado, along with an additional 240,000 servings to communities in New York. The program is expanding to additional cities throughout the midwest.

COVID-19 caused historic disruptions to the food system. It exposed gross disparities in access to healthier food for underserved communities and communities of color. And it showed that we will never have health equity in America without food equity — affordable access to good food for all in every zip code.

We had no idea we were picking up fresh, high quality produce. We assumed it was on the verge of spoiling. WOW! It’s beautiful produce. Thank you so much! This is a huge blessing to our organization and all the families and children that will be receiving [it].

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    Good Food for All- 15 million servings

    15 million servings of fresh fruits and vegetables have been provided to communities in need through PHA's Good Food for All program

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