Transforming the Marketplace


2018 Progress Report

Year Committed: 2016
Length of Commitment: 3 years

Committed to improving healthier food access in conveniences stores by ensuring that at least 75 percent of all the products in its end-cap displays are healthier, check-out displays include at least 10 healthier products and to promote healthier options in the stores that it services.

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Verified Results

    • Commitment Element

      75% of products in all ESSTAR 'Stay Healthy On The Go' food stations [end cap displays or otherwise] will meet the PHA Healthier Food and Beverage Product Criteria.
    • Progress To Date

      12 out of 31 products, or 39%, of all products in the ESSTAR Stay Healthy On The Go Food Station displays meet the PHA Healthier Food and Beverage Product Criteria.

    • Implementation Date

      May 2018
    • Reporting Date

      June 2018

Partner Statement

“We are incredibly grateful for the alliances we have made with PHA partners over the last 3 years. We have tripled the size of our reach of healthier options in convenience stores, colleges, hospitals and cafeterias across the US. Millions of people now have access to healthy foods because of these strategic partnerships and the shared mission of organizations passionate to move the health of our country forward to fight and end disease.”