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Three Square Food Bank

2018 Progress Report

Year Committed: 2018
Length of Commitment: 3 years
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Committed to evaluating and improving the nutritional quality of food distributed and to increasing demand for healthier choices among partners, staff, and recipients.

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    Three Square Food Bank did not have any reporting or compliance deadlines in 2018.

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Partner Statement

“As Southern Nevada’s only food bank, Three Square is proud to partner with Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA). Founded in December of 2007, Three Square is one of the youngest and fastest growing food banks in the Feeding America network. Three Square serves more than 164,000 individuals each month, through its network of nearly 1,400 community partners, and we are committed to Three Square’s mission to provide wholesome food to hungry people, while passionately pursuing a hunger-free community. To help support our efforts, Three Square drafted a nutrition policy and joined forces with PHA. We have also added a focus on nutrition as part of Three Square’s new strategic plan, including goals to increase the amount of nutritious food we can offer to Southern Nevadans that are struggling with hunger.

"Through the PHA network of food bank partners, we were also introduced to FoodShare’s Supporting Wellness at Pantries Program (SWAP) which is ranking system used to categorize food based on levels of saturated fat, sugar, and sodium. We have implemented SWAP internally, and piloted the program at five of our Agency Partners, with plans to roll out SWAP to additional agency partners this year.”