Creating Healthier Places

Davidson College

2018 Progress Report

Year Committed: 2018
Length of Commitment: 3 years
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Committed to meet 23 guidelines—developed by PHA in collaboration with some of the nation’s leading nutrition, physical activity and campus wellness experts—around nutrition, physical activity, and programming on campus.

Verified Results

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    Davidson College did not have any reporting or compliance deadlines in 2018.

    Progress To Date


Partner Statement

“Davidson College has just completed its first year as an HCI partner. We jumped into Healthy Campus Week head first in September and even won the Physical Activity Challenge with our #catsonthemovecampaign. We had 3 campus partners attend the PHA Summit in Chicago and found that to be very helpful, as well as motivating. Some changes that we have implemented in our main dining hall have included serving smaller portioned desserts, offering infused waters and carbonated water, repositioning of dishes on our hot line to feature plant-based dishes first, and a switch from 2% to 1% milk. Davidson Outdoors has opened up participation in trips and events to more students by linking our aid for trips costs to the amount of aid an individual student receives from the College. In the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters we offered more than 24 trips and on-campus activities. We are also realigning our outdoor programming to better meet students where they are, rather than only offering what is perceived to be ‘high adventure’ options.”