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Walk down the food aisles of any Walmart, and you’ll quickly and easily spot the healthier food choices, thanks to a front-of-the-package “Great for You” label that identifies which items meet criteria for being healthful and nutritious.

The label is just one element of Walmart’s broad commitment to PHA to help make the healthy choice the easy choice for families shopping in its stores. By the end of 2015, Walmart had reformulated packaged food items to include 18 percent less sodium, 10 percent less added sugar and 6 percent of products with no industrially produced trans fats. They’ve also been cutting prices on better-for-you food items and saving customers more than $1 billion per year on fresh fruits and vegetables, so that healthier foods are not only more available at Walmart, they’re also more affordable. In fact, since 2012, Walmart has saved customers more than $6 billion on fresh produce!

As part of its promise to make healthier foods more accessible to families, Walmart has opened or renovated more than 300 stores in communities across the country that were lacking in places to buy fresh produce and affordable groceries. The company not only exceeded its commitment, it did so ahead of its July 2016 deadlines.

But that’s not all. On top of making its products healthier, more affordable, easier to find and more accessible to people regardless of where they live, Walmart has invested nearly $15,000,000 in nutrition programs that educate consumers about how to make healthier choices.

392 stores were opened or renovated by Walmart in or around food-scarce areas

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