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Started on May 12, 2017
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“At Bright Horizons, we are always looking to be better, to push ourselves, and to ensure that we are striving to do more for the children and families in our care. We started working with PHA in 2011 because we knew they would be a great partner in doing the best to help give children across this country a healthy start in life. We are excited and proud to be focusing on nutrition, movement, gardening and more with an even keener focus and to once again partner with PHA to make a lasting difference in the health of America’s children.

~ Rachel Robertson, Vice President for Education and Development, Bright Horizons, at PHA’s 2018 Building a Healthier Future Summit

Kids spend the bulk of their time outside the home, so childcare settings and early learning programs need to play a powerful role in helping kids grow up healthy. Bright Horizons Family Solutions®, the largest provider of employer-sponsored childcare, teamed up with us on June 8, 2011 to do just that, becoming the first private child care company to work with us.

Image of young child dancing at an early child care center. For three years, the organization worked to advance nutritional, physical activity and screen time practices in its centers across the country. This meant promising to serve fruits and veggies, feeding kids in a family-style setting and providing a minimum of at least one hour of physical activity each day. It also meant Bright Horizons centers aimed to provide kids with water at every meal and eliminate fried foods served.

In 2017, Bright Horizons expanded its commitment with us, signing on to provide healthier programming for children in the more than 750 childcare centers it operates across the country. With a renewed focus on physical activity and gardening, nutrition and family engagement, we know the improvements Bright Horizons plans to implement will reach more than 78,000 children nationwide.

See how a contest inspired one chef to bring healthy snacks to Bright Horizon childcare centers in creative ways.

1 million children are served by PHA's early childhood education partners each year

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