A Message from the Chairman of the Board 2021

A headshot of Peter Dolan, PHA's President & CEO At Partnership for a Healthier America, we’re committed to working across all sectors — the public, private and charitable food system —to improve health equity. We’ve partnered with 490 companies and organizations already to create long lasting change. Whether that’s through a company committing to improve its marketing practices or make its product lines healthier, or if it’s a food bank changing the foods they distribute, the heart of PHA has and will continue to be about doing it together.

In recent years, and certainly since I took on my role as Chairman of the Board of Directors, PHA has evolved the way that it approaches those partnerships. As we’ve focused more fully on Food Equity, and how we can improve affordable access to good food, we’ve expanded the range of partners that can make an impact.

I’m proud of our newly-formed partnerships with companies outside of the food space, like Mattress Firm and PopSockets. They’ve each contributed to our goal of adding 50 million servings of fruits and vegetables to the marketplace by 2025, and raised incredible awareness of PHA and its Food Equity mission for their customers. We want to work with more companies inside and outside of the food industry that will help us achieve our goal.

PHA is also, for the first time, engaging individuals in support of equitable access to good food. We believe that everyone has a role to play in creating long lasting change, whether that’s making a monthly donation or raising awareness of this important issue. Speaking with the largest megaphone possible for Food Equity is an essential component to improving the food system.

We also applaud the USDA’s renewed focus on nutrition security in addition to food security. They have acknowledged what we know to be true: What you eat is just as critical as having food at all. When the USDA stands with you on an issue, it sends an important message to all sectors of society that this is important and urgent.

In short, PHA is thriving. We’re convening more partners than ever before, inside and outside of the food space. We’re engaging the public sector more deeply in the work. Individuals from across the country are raising their hands and offering their support for Food Equity.

So, I hope you’ll take some time to learn more about the progress we’ve made in the last year, and we look forward to your continued support of PHA and its mission.

Thank you,

Peter Dolan
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Partnership for a Healthier America

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