Healthier Campus Initiative

Des Moines Area Community College

2019 Progress Report

Year Committed: 2015
Length of Commitment: 3 years
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Committed to meet guidelines—developed by PHA in collaboration with some of the nation’s leading nutrition, physical activity and campus wellness experts—around nutrition, physical activity, and programming on campus.

Verified Results

  • Implementation Date

    September 2018

    Reporting Date

    November 2019

    Commitment Element

    Ensure that a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of vending machines offer only healthier beverage products or fifty percent (50%) of each vending machine content is healthier beverage products.

    Progress To Date

    At least 50% of beverage products in all of Des Moines Area Community College's 32 beverage vending machines meet PHA Healthier Beverage Standards.

Partner Statement

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