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Started on March 8, 2013
3 year commitment

In 2013, Reebok promised to invest $6 million to expand physical fitness opportunities for kids in 1,000 schools across the country by 2015. But The company far surpassed that goal, reaching more than 1,600 schools with its BOKS (Build our Kids’ Success) program, which gets kids up and moving before the school day even begins. This free program focuses on schools serving children from low-income communities and helps forge greater school-community relationships.

Reebok also works with one of PHA’s founders, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, to encourage schools to adopt the BOKS Burst curriculum, which gets kids out of their seats throughout the day with 2-5 minute physical activity breaks that help them stay focused and ready to learn.

What’s more, Reebok hosts BOK events around the country, providing training sessions and exhibits at conferences and meetings. In addition to its cash “activation grants” that allow schools to launch BOKS programs, it will contribute $8 million per year to support broader efforts to increase the nation’s focus on physical activity and fitness. Reebok funding supports activities such as free fitness classes for families at Reebok FitHub locations, free fitness classes for girls at the Boys and Girls Club, sponsorship of trainings and CrossFit Kids programs.

$30 million dedicated by Reebok to promote physical activity and fitness for kids and adults

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