5 Active Ways to Get Involved in Your Kid's School

Image of children playing at recess.

A new school year brings lots of opportunity to get involved in the classroom. Looking for something out of the ordinary? Here are few healthy ideas to help you make this year great for your kids:

1. Amp up their school day.

Keep the outdoor fun of summer alive and get your kids moving more before, during and after school by becoming an Active Schools champion. Find out everything you need to know on how to support physical education and physical activity in your local school here, and for even more tips, follow the conversation, using the hashtag #ActiveSchools on Twitter.

Not convinced? This video should help.

Still not convinced? Maybe tennis great Serena Williams, Ironman triathlete and Paralympian Sarah Reinersten and Olympic sprinter Allyson Felix will help.

2. Plan a Healthy Fundraiser.

Most school’s extracurricular activities incur extra expenses such as awards and t-shirts. Throwing a “healthy fundraiser” will help you raise funds for your kids’ favorite programs while also helping to promote easy, enjoyable ways for kids to stay active and develop healthy habits. To give you an idea, Jesse Boyd Elementary, a Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award school in Spartanburg, SC, planned their own version of a “Color Run,” inviting members of the community for a race that would be fun instead of competitive.

3. Back to School With BOKS.

Started by a group of Massachusetts moms, BOKS is a program designed to get kids moving before the school day even starts. With a free curriculum that is teacher-, kid- and parent-approved, this initiative is tough to resist. Find out how to enroll your school and get your kids moving first thing in the morning here.

4. Organize the Neighborhood.

If feasible, leave the car behind and start your kids’ day off by walking or biking with them to school. You can even check with your neighbors to see if anyone else is interested in joining in to create a “walking school bus.” Need a reason to get started? October 5 is “International Walk to School Day.” Schools can even track their school’s participation with Fire Up Your Feet for a chance to win cash awards.

5. Start at Home.

Not all parents have time during the school day to help out, but there are plenty of ways to get involved in your kids’ school year right at home. From encouraging your child to take 5-minute physically active homework breaks to making weekly family walks or bike rides part of your routine, the little ways of incorporating physical activity can have a huge impact on your child’s success.

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