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Nutri Ventures


Started on March 13, 2014
5 year commitment | View progress

Nutri Ventures is the world’s first multi-platform children’s entertainment brand that emphasizes nutrition and healthy eating. PHA is proud to work with this multi-media entertainment brand to promote nutrition-conscious lifestyles and healthy foods to children across the country.

“Nutrition and obesity are among the most urgent concerns for parents, educators and for children themselves. We are very proud to enter into a long-term relationship with the Partnership for a Healthier America.

~ Rui Lima Miranda, co-founder and managing partner of Nutri Ventures Corp., and producer of “Nutri Ventures: The Quest for the 7 Kingdoms”

The commitment, which started in 2014, will make Nutri Venture’s animated content available, at no cost, to all public school systems throughout the U.S. Nutri Venture’s globally popular animated television series, “Nutri Ventures: The Quest for the 7 Kingdoms,” is just the start of its entertainment content, which also includes music videos and other digital content; special materials for kids, parents and educators; and a virtual online world that kids can explore. As a PHA partner, the company also will allow schools to use its entertainment characters, at no cost and solely for educational purposes, and will follow established nutrition standards to determine what foods and beverages can use licensed characters.

PHA’s work with Nutri Ventures will bring key health messages to kids in a way that is engaging and authentic.

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