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Started on October 12, 2015
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Half the U.S. population visits a convenience store every day, so the food in stores shouldn’t just be healthier, it should also be more affordable. PHA works with partners like U-Gas to transform the marketplace by ensuring that convenience stores across the nation are fully stocked with healthier options.

U-Gas, home of Gigi’s Café, is a convenience store chain located across Missouri and Illinois. The company made a commitment to PHA on October 12, 2015 at the NACS Show, the convenience store industry’s largest event. Not only does U-Gas plan to offer nutritious, affordable options to the children, families and communities it serves it will also support employee health and wellness benefits. And because we know shoppers respond strongly to marketing, U-Gas’s convenience stores plan to market healthier options like water at the register! U-Gas’s work will continue to help the convenience store industry begin to shift its image to that of an alternative source for healthier, affordable foods.

U-Gas was also a proud partner of Drink Up. Drink Up was formed between the Partnership for a Healthier America, with Honorary Chairwoman Former First Lady Michelle Obama, and stakeholders across the public and private sectors who are dedicated to encouraging people to drink more water, more often. Started in 2013, Drink Up quickly became an award-winning, national consumer marketing campaign that represents 50+ partners in the bottled, tap, reusable, and filtered water space, bringing together all sectors of water to reach the common goal of more people drinking more water.

U-Gas is no longer fulfilling a commitment with PHA. For more information, see here.

1,800+ is the number of PHA convenience store partner locations across the country

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