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The Fresh Grocer


Started on November 29, 2011
5 year commitment | View progress

At PHA, we’re committed to making the healthy choice the easy choice. But families can’t make those choices if they’re shut out from them because of income or where they live. To assure all families have access to affordable, healthy groceries, our partners have opened or expanded more than 800 stores in food-scarce neighborhoods.

In 2011, The Fresh Grocer, a Philadelphia-area grocer, committed to building five grocery stores in or around areas where people lack access to healthy, affordable foods. Fresh Grocer planned to open these new stores in the mid-Atlantic region, and collectively, these locations were to serve approximately 795,000 people and create approximately 1,000 jobs.

Through its commitment to expanding food access, Fresh Grocer’s stores will sell a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products and will be similar in size and scope to The Fresh Grocer stores in operation in 2011. All new stores were to open by 2016.

More than 8.5 million people now live in areas with new or renovated grocery stores, a direct result of our partner commitments

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