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Started on January 23, 2014
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As a new PHA partner coming on board in 2014, Subway promised to launch a $41 million kid-targeted marketing campaign – its largest ever – focused on encouraging kids to make healthier meal choices that include more fruits and vegetables. The company also promised to price its Fresh Fit for KidsTM meals so that parents would pay less for them than they would buying the same items individually.

What’s more, Subway also committed to ensuring Fresh Fit for Kids offerings meet federal standards for children’s meals calling for no artificial trans fats, less than or equal to 600 calories, less than 10 percent of calories from saturated fat and less than 935 mg of sodium per meal. The meals will also include one or two servings of fruits and vegetables, low-fat or non-fat milk or water as a default beverage. Finally, Subway has made its first whole grain rich bread the default bread for all Fresh Fit for Kids meal offering.

To help kids make those good choices, Subway is trained staff in its restaurants to encourage families to opt for the apple slices kept in their coolers. The ramped up marketing campaign included prominently displayed messages on packaging that promote the selection of fruit as well as in-store, television and social media marketing and advertising targeted to young consumers.

Over $68 million dedicated by Subway to marketing and advertising healthier choices to children

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