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Started on May 11, 2017
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PHA set out with the goal of making the healthy choice the easy choice for American families. To do so there must be a supply of healthier options in the marketplace.

Partners like PepsiCo will help ensure that’s a reality for consumers looking for healthier items at the grocery store. In October 2016, the company announced plans to transform its products and offer healthier options by 2025.

Seven months later, the company selected our organization as its official verifier to ensure it stands by this promise. Using our third-party verification process, we’ll help PepsiCo publicly verify that at least two-thirds of all beverages sold globally have 100 calories or less from added sugars per 12-ounce serving. We’ll also look to see whether PepsiCo remains on track to achieve the sodium, saturated fat and sugar reduction goals the company hopes to make over 10 years.

We know PepsiCo’s plans have the potential to reduce an enormous number of calories from the market and we are proud to be the official verifier.

6- to 8-year-olds with obesity are approximately 10x more likely to become obese adults than those with a lower body mass index

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