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Started on March 7, 2013
5 year commitment | View progress

Hospitals are the places we go to get healthy, so the food we eat while there should have a positive impact on our bodies. In order to make the healthy choice the easy choice in hospitals, we teamed up with Morrison Healthcare Food Services, the nation’s only food service company exclusively dedicated to providing food, nutrition and dining services to hospitals and health systems.

On March 7, 2013, Morrison Healthcare Food Services joined the Hospital Healthier Food Initiative, partnering with us on our mission to create dramatic and expansive improvements in hospital nutrition. Over the next five years, the company will work to ensure a percentage of all of its hospital clients nationwide meet criteria such as offering healthier food and beverage options in cafeterias, and marketing only healthier options near check out. Through its commitment, the company has the potential to impact 41 million patients and 500 million hospital meals annually.

Morrison Healthcare has specialized in healthcare food and nutrition services for more than 65 years. We work alongside our hospital and health system partners to unleash the Power of Food, using it to drive patient safety and satisfaction. Whether it’s in one of our restaurant-style cafés or in-room patient dining, everything Morrison does is designed to support a hospital’s mission of care and wellness, while providing an exceptional experience.

More than 700 hospital partners (10 percent of all hospitals nationwide) take part in our Hospital Healthier Food Initiative.

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