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Started on March 13, 2014
3 year commitment | View progress

FirstBIKE is a PHA partner committed to providing increased physical activity opportunities for children in early childcare environments. The company, which develops durable, lightweight training bikes for children between ages 2 and 5, signed on with us to donate its balance bikes to the YMCA and other youth organizations.

FirstBIKE’s main goal is to encourage children to get active and moving from a very early age (22 months +), while providing a unique, fun, and safe method for doing so. Our balance bikes are designed to assist children in developing a healthy lifestyle from early childhood, rather than attempting to alter unhealthy behavioral patterns later.

~ Joseph Rumley, chief marketing officer, FirstBIKE.

As a result of FirstBIKE’s commitment, more children will be able to have fun, be physically activity and develop a love for biking at an age when lifestyle habits are developed.

6- to 8-year-olds with obesity are approximately 10x more likely to become obese adults than those with a lower body mass index