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Started on May 11, 2017
7 year commitment | View progress

Many of our retail partners are helping to make healthier foods available in areas where access is limited, but what about people who depend upon food banks and pantries to make up the difference when their resources are running low?

Our partners like Feeding America are stepping in for those who are food insecure across the nation. As a nationwide network that includes 200 food banks, 60,000 food pantries and meal programs, our partner Feeding America has the potential to create a large impact among those struggling with hunger. Over the next seven years, Feeding America will work to increase distribution of fruits and vegetables, increase demand of healthier options among donors and recipients and increase network capacity to focus on nutrition and health.

With an incredible reach of 46 million people each year, our commitment with this organization will help ensure better access to healthier options for all.

46 million people reached each year by Feeding America

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