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Started on May 7, 2012
4 year commitment

Birds Eye, America’s leading vegetable company, committed to launching a three-year effort to encourage kids to look at vegetables in a whole new way.

As a PHA partner, Birds Eye committed to dedicating at least $2 million per year for three years to marketing and advertising efforts that encourage children to enjoy and consume vegetables. These funds were to support a GenVeg consumer marketing campaign that speaks directly to kids, in the voices of kids.

In 2012, the GenVeg campaign went live, appearing on Nickelodeon’s live-action series, iCarly. Additional media channels for the GenVeg campaign included: TV, radio, digital, print, in-store and retailer-specific campaigns, as well as other communication vehicles. Birds Eye also committed to conducting a three-year program to distribute at least 50 million coupons tied to the GenVeg campaign encouraging children to discover the wonder of vegetables.

Adding to the commitment, Birds Eye promised to invest in product innovation to bring to market at least two new kid-inspired vegetable products. Each of the new Birds Eye products must meet 2010 US Dietary Guidelines, and the company will introduce these products to retailers nationwide.

Several studies show price reductions, through discounts, coupons, etc., can positively affect consumer demand for and consumption of healthy foods

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