Partnership for a Healthier America Commits to 50 Million Additional Servings of Vegetables, Legumes, and Fruits in the Marketplace as part of UN Food Systems Summit

UN Food Systems Promo Graphic September 22, 2021

by Nancy E. Roman, President and CEO of Partnership for a Healthier America

CEO’s Corner

The UN Food Systems Summit that begins Thursday will be just the beginning of a sweeping, global effort to better leverage the food system to end hunger, build health and to reduce carbon emissions.

Having been actively engaged with more than one hundred global leaders working on the Summit over the past 18 months, I can say that we already have achieved a few important steps critical to necessary systems change:

Whether this adds up to a Summit with lasting impact or one that is forgotten depends on what happens after Thursday when heads of state gather to announce their commitment to change. The UN Special Envoy Dr. Agnes Kalibata has called on us to step into the challenge. We intend to step up, and we welcome our partners and everyone committed to this important work to join us.

“We called for action, and this is action,” said Dr. Kalibata, commending our efforts. “PHA is working with companies, foundations, and community-led nonprofits to make a difference.”

PHA is committing to add 50 million servings of vegetables and fruits to the marketplace through innovative programs like Good Food for All and by working with companies, foundations and local community organizations. This is an expansion of our work that began in 2020, which has already provided more than 15 million servings of fruits in vegetables in communities across the country. This is also part of a broader effort to meaningfully shift the food supply available in disadvantaged communities as we work to improve food equity.

PHA is proud to join the many global players including nations from every continent, and organizations like GAIN, the EAT Forum, The World Wildlife Fund and many others to work together so that our collective impact on hunger, health and planet is greater than it could or would be on our own. If you want to work with us, please contact We can do this!

Demand Food Equity

Take the pledge! PHA envisions a world where every family and every person in the United States has ready and affordable access to good food and has launched a pledge in conjunction with the commitment to demand food equity.

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