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Varsity Brands


Started on March 7, 2013
1 year and 3 month commitment

Back in 2013, Varsity Brands announced its plans to increase nutritional and activity programming for the 400,000 young people and 26,000 coaches, mentors and advisors that are part of its network of camps and competitions.

At the time of joining us in a commitment, Varsity Brands said it would develop and implement a summer-camp program, which was to include both an education component as well as a peer-led physical activity challenge. In addition to participating in the curriculum during summer camp, camp participants were to serve as student ambassadors and eventually use their roles as community leaders to promote physical activity and health within schools.

Varsity Brands also committed to develop and provide high school and collegiate cheerleading teams with a plan to establish ambassador programs in schools across the nation; offer coaches a DVD filled with a variety of healthy lifestyle messages; create a web presence on Varsity.com that will allow program participants, parents and coaches to track progress and access other useful information; and promote the challenge on National School Spirit Day. Adding to the list was Varsity Brand’s plans to create and promote a curriculum, which was to incorporate the Seven Essential Practices for Quality Youth Physical Activity Programming.

Nearly 1 in 3 children and adolescents are either overweight or have obesity