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Started on February 26, 2015
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Our bodies are designed to move, and our homes should be designed to help us do so. We teamed up with Urban Ventures, a Denver based real estate development company whose mission is to create socially and environmentally responsible communities, to ensure health is a priority in how communities are built.

Affordable housing developers like Urban Ventures play a critical role in our Active Design Verified initiative. The idea is that by using architecture and urban planning, indoor and outdoor spaces encourage people to move, residents have access to grow or buy healthy food within the community and there’s even easy access to public transportation and healthcare services.

By 2015, the company, in partnership with Perry Rose, already completed the first phase of its project Aria Denver, which included 13 townhomes and 72 apartments. The project features healthy food options and active living programs within a multi-generational, mixed-income community. The development includes a community center with indoor exercise equipment for adults, a hydroponic greenhouse, a one-acre production garden with a Pay-What-You-Can farm stand; and secure, long-term bike storage.

Our Active Design Verified work, while new, will impact nearly 8,000 units of housing by ensuring these elements are included.

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