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Started on May 11, 2016
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PHA and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) share a common goal of promoting physical activity and sports to youth, and support American children having adequate access to physical activity so they can live healthier lives.

We teamed up with USOC to engage at least 2 million children in Olympic sport programming and utilize the platform of the 2016 Olympic Games to promote active, healthy lifestyles. As a part of this effort, sixteen National Governing Bodies of the USOC signed onto expand their reach throughout 2016. See below for the specifics of each partner’s commitment, and find an activity or facility near you.

  • USA Archery: Inspire approximately 50,000 children to get more involved with USA Archery through the “Explore Archery” and the “Junior Olympic Archery Development” Program. USA Archery will facilitate grants for archery equipment kits, instructor certification and programming for parks and recreation departments to help grow archery opportunities in local communities.

  • USA Basketball: Inspire approximately 180,000 children to get more involved with USA Basketball through programs including Open Courts, Youth Clinics, Coach Licensing, Regional Camps, 3×3 and Coach Academies.

  • USA BMX: Inspire approximately 50,000 children to get more involved with USA Cycling through “Fundamental Cycling Day.”

  • US Equestrian Federation: Work to get approximately 25,000 children more involved with US Equestrian Federation through the Time to Ride program. Time to Ride will provide incentives for stables, businesses and organizations to host events that help local families connect with horses for the first time. Each event will provide children an opportunity to ride, groom or interact with horses introducing them to equestrian sport while being active.

  • USA Fencing: Inspire approximately 12,000 children to get more involved with USA Fencing through campaigns like “Talk Like a Pirate Day” or “Intro to Fencing Day.” On September 19, 2016, USA Fencing member clubs will invite local youth to a one-day introductory experience, welcoming them to the sport of fencing.

  • USA Field Hockey: Through the Fundamental Field Hockey Program, USA Field Hockey will engage approximately 20,000 children to get more involved with filed hockey.

  • USA Gymnastics: Inspire approximately 20,000 children to try and get more involved with USA Gymnastics through the 2016 Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champion’s Fitness zone, the Fitness Zone’s at USA Gymnastics Premier Events and initiatives surrounding Olympic Day celebrations. The Fitness Zone at the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions and USA Gymnastics Premier events are created with 5 stations: strength, flexibility, cardio, balance and nutrition. Over 350 kids per hour will go through the fitness zone in the 36 cities hosting the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions.

  • USA Handball: Inspire approximately 22,000 children to get more involved with USA Team Handball through the Alabama Sports Festival and related school programs and Illinois/Minnesota school programs.

  • USA Judo: Engage approximately 3,500 children and encourage them to get more involved with USA Judo through bring a friend to Judo class. The first week of every month will be dedicated to “bring a friend to class” and the Dojo with the most participants each month will receive a prize from USA Judo.

  • USA Synchronized Swimming: Inspire approximately 1,000 children to get more involved with USA Synchro through USA Synchro de Mayo. Efforts will include a contest to incentivize clubs/associations to register for USA Synchro de Mayo events as well as summer recreation programs designed to support synchronized swimming efforts nationwide.

  • US Tennis Association Foundation: Engage approximately 225,000 youth from low-income households, in beginner level tennis programming during after school and summer hours primarily through the USTA Foundation’s National Junior Tennis & Learning tennis and education network.

  • USA Track & Field: Make available a total of $52,000 in grant awards to 52 schools, over the 2015-16 school year and through the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in August 2016, to enable qualified schools to implement the RunJumpThrow program. Work to expand the program, with a goal of adding up to an additional $100,000 in grant awards to 100 schools over the 2016-17 school year, to enable qualified schools to implement the RunJumpThrow program. USATF will also host two large-scale RunJumpThrow Experience events exclusively for LMAS schools.

  • USA Triathlon: Inspire approximately 2,500 children to get more involved with Triathlon through the USA Triathlon Splash and Dash Youth Aquathlon Series, which aims to introduce children to the world of multisport with an introductory multisport race conducted in the swim-run format.

  • USA Volleyball: Work to get 275,000 children to try or get more involved with USAV by inspiring participation through practices, competitions, and giving back to the sport by teaching younger children. USAV will also increase opportunities for low income and underserved children by providing free or low-cost lessons/activities in the USAV Open Court program.

  • USA Weightlifting: Inspire approximately 5,000 children to get more involved with USA Weightlifting through its “High School Coaching Course System” and through free or low-cost efforts designed to increase weightlifting opportunities for low income and underserved children.

  • United States Wrestling: Engage approximately 400,000 children through “Beat the Streets Wrestling Programs,” and initiative that works to expand Wrestling in America’s Urban Centers, helping at-risk kids through discipline and structure while developing wrestling from the youth through the Olympic level in these cities.

Only about 25 percent of children between the ages of 12 and 15 meet the recommendation to get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day.

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