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Started on April 25, 2023
3 year commitment

Pairwise’s Commitment

Pairwise has pledged to bring 630,000 servings of produce to nutrition-insecure families across the US over the next three years through the Good Food for All program. Pairwise’s mission-driven team looks forward to engaging in the work of local partners in the communities where Pairwise operates.

Pairwise’s commitment will support PHA’s goal of adding 100 million additional servings of vegetables, fruits, and beans to the marketplace by 2025.

About Pairwise

Pairwise is a health-focused food and agriculture company based in Durham, North Carolina that is transforming what we eat. Guided by their mission to build a healthier world through better fruits and vegetables, the company uses technology to break down the barriers keeping people from eating more produce.

Through their consumer brand, Conscious™ Foods, the company is developing a new category of nutritious foods uniquely created for today’s consumers. By pairing emerging technology like CRISPR with tried-and-true farming practices, Conscious Foods is growing exciting new varieties of fruits and vegetables so that consumers can make healthy, purposeful choices about the foods that they eat. The company’s first product, Conscious™ Greens – the superfood greens that eat like lettuce – is coming to US retail and restaurants in 2023.

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“The challenge of ensuring access to healthy food is multifaceted and complex. At Pairwise, we are using technology to reduce barriers to healthy food access. PHA is leading the way in innovative solutions to ensuring food equity.”

Our Work In Motion

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