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Started on January 31, 2020
3 year commitment | View progress

Food preferences are formed in infancy*, and the nutrition we get early in life plays a major role in how healthy we are later. Nurture Life is working to raise the standard for children’s food.

As a PHA partner, Nurture Life has committed to promoting vegetables, plant proteins, and whole grain consumption and reducing the sodium, added sugars, and saturated fat in its products. By positively shaping nutritious food preferences among young eaters, Nurture Life is part of an initiative to improve the long-term health of our children from the get-go.

By 2023, Nurture Life will also develop an educational campaign for parents around the importance of early palate development and a diet filled with vegetables and limited added sugar and salt. Believing that healthy meals should be accessible for every child and adult, Nurture Life will donate thousands of meals to family shelters and food pantries across the Chicago-land area.


84.4% of infants and toddlers consume foods with added sugars on any given day.

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