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Started on November 16, 2014
3 year commitment

College students often struggle with what’s known as the Freshmen 15 – that tendency to pack on some extra pounds in the first year away from home, when all-nighters and fast food can quickly take a toll. But through PHA’s Healthier Campus Initiative, today many campuses are helping students stay focused on maintaining healthy habits– including what they eat and how much physical activity they get – that can last a lifetime.

North Carolina State University was one of the first to get on board, and the first to meet its full commitment, doing so in just one year – two full years ahead of schedule!

Like other colleges and universities in this initiative, NC State promised to complete 23 guidelines around nutrition, physical activity and wellness programming for the 40,000 students, faculty and staff on its campus each year. The university strengthened its already-strong commitment to creating a healthy environment in numerous ways. For example, it added a Dietitian’s Dish wellness meal at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Healthier food and beverage items are identified in vending machines, convenience stores and dining facilities with a special Wolf-Approved Healthy icon. Free water is available at all dining and recreational facilities. More than 150 group fitness classes are available each week and 25 intramural activities are available each year. Not only that, but students can take advantage of 4,000 feet of fitness space on campus, featuring a cargo net, sit-up benches, dip bars and wall ball targets!

Recognizing that even on campus, some students don’t have enough to eat or the resources to satisfy their hunger, the university also opened a food pantry.

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120 fitness classes and 4,000 square feet of outdoor functional fitness space are available to NC State students on campus

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