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Started on May 19, 2016
5 year commitment | View progress

PHA’s Active Design Verified partners like Homeowner’s Rehab, Inc. (HRI) make health a priority in how communities are built. Using architecture and urban planning, indoor and outdoor spaces encourage people to move, residents have access to grow or buy healthy food within the community and there’s even easy access to public transportation and healthcare services.

HRI, an affordable housing developer in Cambridge, MA, has partnered with PHA to help build healthier futures for families. Over the next five years, HRI’s affordable housing communities will provide access to physical activity spaces, walking routes and appealing stairwells, and promote healthy eating, walking and biking. In just three years of the five-year commitment, HRI plans to make at least 80% of all its affordable housing projects that secure financing or are in the predevelopment phase meet or exceed a set of guidelines designed by PHA and the Center for Active Design (CFAD).

From drinking fountains and exercise equipment to appealing and accessible stairs, onsite gardening opportunities and even infrastructure that supports walking and biking, HRI’s buildings will be designed to make the healthy choice the easy choice for residents. HRI’s commitment will provide plenty of opportunities for its residents to be healthier – right in their own homes.

51% of people with incomes < $25,000 say they do not have access to outside exercise space—twice as many as those with incomes < $75,000 per year

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