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Happy Family is committed to shaping nutritious food preferences among babies, toddlers and young children in order to have a significant impact on their long-term health. Over the next three years, Happy Family will commit to:


  • Doubling the number of pouches and jars which have only vegetables as the primary ingredients
  • Increasing the number of pouches and jars with greater than 50% vegetables, by 50%
  • Ensuring all toddler bowls with veggies contain greater than 50% veggies
  • Ensuring 100% of all pouches and jars are unsalted
  • Ensuring 100% of all pouches, jars, and toddler bowls have 0g added sugar

Food Access

  • Donating 1,000,000 servings of organic meals and snacks to families in need
  • Offering jars in the federal WIC program, for qualifying women, infants and children


  • Educating families about the importance of veggies early and often

84.4% of infants and toddlers consume foods with added sugars on any given day.

Our Work In Motion

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