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GE Healthcare


Started on March 7, 2013
2 year commitment

Helping patients and their families build healthier habits is a group effort, and one that companies like GE Healthcare stepped up to do. GE Healthcare, along with Cerner and Physician’s Computer Company, teamed up with us to develop the Healthy Weight Plan, which provides doctors with tools to identify, manage and track childhood obesity.

On March 7, 2013, GE Healthcare joined in a commitment to us, with the idea to use its Centricity Practice Solution product as part of the Healthy Weight Plan. GE Healthcare’s goal is to help capture relevant data to track at-risk patients, present data and practical goals to patients and families in a way they can understand and provide information about community resources to help support healthy weight goals. At the time of partnering with us, GE Healthcare’s commitment had the potential to impact millions of doctor visits per year and hundreds of thousands of patients and families.

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