Des Moines Area Religious Food Network is a Partnership for a Healthier America partner.

Des Moines Area Religious Council



Started on May 11, 2017
3 year commitment | View progress

Food banks and food pantries across the U.S. represent a tremendous opportunity to not only help food insecure people get the food they need, but bring home healthier options that could prevent obesity, especially in children.

We work with partners like Des Moines Area Religious Council Food Network (DMARC) that make commitments to increase the healthier choices provided by these critically important places.

DMARC, comprised of nearly 130 diverse member congregations, is an interfaith organization and the largest food network in Iowa. Founded in 1952, this organization offers families a free, three to five day supply of nutritionally balanced food each month. In 2015, the DMARC Food Pantry Network assisted over 42,000 individuals, nearly half of those recipients being children and youth.

Over three years, our partner will work to increase distribution of the produce category, incentivize healthy food choices and develop new recipes each year that meet PHA’s healthier recipe definition. DMARC also commits to providing more nutritious food choices specifically for those ages 0-2, and will continue the MyPlate Choice Distribution System, where each family member receives the recommended servings of food groups on the USDA’s MyPlate in healthy versions.

We are proud to partner with an organization that makes a big impact in the greater Des Moines area.

Low-income people are at increased risk for both food insecurity and obesity

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