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Started on October 6, 2012
3 year commitment

Hospitals are the places we go to get healthy, so the food we eat while there should have a positive impact on our bodies. With this in mind, more than 700 hospital partners across the nation, including Cleveland Clinic Foundation, teamed up with PHA to make healthier choices easier.

On October 6, 2012, Cleveland Clinic joined PHA’s Hospital Healthier Food Initiative, partnering with us on our mission to create dramatic and expansive improvements in hospital nutrition. From committing to display only health-promoting food options in cafeteria and menu advertising, to removing all fryers and deep-fat fried products and placing healthier food options within five feet of the checkout, Cleveland Clinic’s changes have the potential to reach many.

As part of the Partnership for a Healthier America’s Hospital Healthy Food Commitment, Cleveland Clinic welcomes the chance to showcase the strides we have already made in creating a culture of wellness at our hospitals while also looking forward to further enhancing healthy food choices at our facilities for our patients, staff and visitors.

~Persis Sosiak, MPH, BSN, RN, Cleveland Clinic’s Director of Public Health & Research

Cleveland Clinic’s plans to participate in the initiative were to result in the improved nutrition of more than 765,000 meals served every year!

More than 700 hospital partners (10 percent of all hospitals nationwide) take part in our Hospital Healthier Food Initiative.

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