The Atlanta Community Food Bank is a Partnership for a Healthier America partner.

Atlanta Community Food Bank



Started on May 11, 2017
3 year commitment | View progress

For those facing food insecurity, food bank networks represent an opportunity for people to not only get food they need, but also take home healthier options.

Our partner Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) commits to being a place where families can find nutritious choices. With more than 600 nonprofit partners – including food pantries, community kitchens, child care centers, night shelters and senior centers – ACFB is on a mission to fight hunger by educating and empowering those in metro Atlanta and north Georgia.

Over the next three years, the organization plans to make changes like increasing the distribution of fresh fruits and veggies, conducting cooking demonstrations in its learning kitchen and creating a series of videos that showcase culturally appropriate recipes that use items available through ACFB. For school-based programs, ACFB is committing to increasing the number of families served, growing the number of summer meal distribution sites and implementing a mobile food pantry program that will serve healthier options to schools in low-socioeconomic communities.

We are proud to work with an organization that will impact a large number of individuals in both rural and urban locations.

More than 15 million U.S. children live in "food insecure" households

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