River Bend Food Bank

River Bend Food Bank



Started on October 1, 2021
2 year commitment

Food banks and food pantries play a key role in meeting the nutritional needs of low-income children and families, who have less access to nutritious, affordable foods and are disproportionately impacted by obesity and diet-related disease. Our food bank partners make sure that times of sacrifice don’t also mean sacrificing good health.

River Bend Food Bank will receive support from PHA to implement a comprehensive nutrition ranking system over the next two years. PHA will provide technical assistance to help River Bend Food Bank understand the nutritional quality of its inventory, enhancing food equity for the communities they serve.

No one should go hungry. River Bend Food Bank works with 300+ partner agencies in 23 counties to make sure people facing hunger have reliable access to healthy food. Leading the community-wide effort to eliminate hunger in eastern Iowa and western Illinois, the Food Bank distributes over 20 million meals each year to hungry people through food pantries, schools, senior residences, and community organizations. River Bend Food Bank will feed people today and end hunger tomorrow.

Low-income people are at increased risk for both food insecurity and obesity

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