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Houston Food Bank


Food banks and food pantries play a key role in meeting the nutritional needs of low-income children and families, who have less access to nutritious, affordable foods and are disproportionately impacted by obesity and diet-related disease. Our food bank partners make sure that times of sacrifice don’t also mean sacrificing good health.

Our partner, Houston Food Bank, commits to being a place where families in need can find nutritious choices. Over the next three years, it will encourage healthier eating among the families it serves by evaluating the nutritional quality of the food it distributes, increasing the amount of nutritious food and beverage it distributes, and decreasing the amount of food and beverage with minimal nutritional value it distributes. It will also increase the number of educational materials it disseminates that promote the consumption of nutritious foods and will make environmental changes to the workplace to encourage healthier eating and/or increased physical activity among the staff.

The Houston Food Bank is a non-profit organization leading the movement to end hunger in Houston, Texas. PHA is proud to work with an organization making such a positive impact on hunger and nutrition for families in their community.

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